Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy & Data Processing

It is vital to mention that any log in information, credit card billings, or in general any other personal details, is strictly confidential and secured with us. You are obliged as well to keep your details solely to yourself due to the fact that if anyone tries to log in or make a purchase with your own details, it is at your own risk. Your personal information therefore will be stored in our electronic systems and will be protected by the Data Protection ACT. However, there are cases where certain information is not considered to be confidential. This occurs when: certain details are already exposed to the public beforehand through no act or omission of the recipient or of any other third party owing an obligation of confidence to the receiver, when it is rightfully received from a third party however without any limitations to its use.

Our website may contain broadcasts, publications, links to both internal and external websites which are relevant to the content and nature of the Company`s services. The scope of this information is solely to provide the Client with relevant information with regard to our company's services, to keep the Client up to date with market news and provide the Client with background information on the relevant market/s. These links are not recommendations or advertisements by third parties. They merely serve information and reference purposes and we do not assume liability for the accuracy of such information or for the content of the links. Such links or the operators thereof, any changes and/or updates therein, webcasting and/or any other form of transmission received from any such link is not under our control, it does not imply endorsement by us thereof and, as such, we assume no liability for reliance thereon.