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About us

This is the story of how two brothers Varnavas and Christos Sotiriou created MASTERFOREXSECRETS a company that intends to become a trusted refund company that only deals with trusted and regulated brokers and offers its clients unique advantages in Forex trading.

How The Beginning Almost Led To The End

Fifteen years ago, the brothers decided to try their luck in Forex trading. Because they lived in Limassol Cyprus a hot spot of Regulated Forex Brokers, they thought they had all the tools to build a successful trading career. So, they began their journey by touring a few of the companies so that they could learn everything they could about forex trading. After completing their visits, they believed that they had learned enough to begin their trading careers and so with great excitement, they began to trade without a second thought to strategy and money management. Little did they know that this would lead them to what would become a disaster both financially and career-wise. Within seven years, the two brothers lost not only their homes but also many assets all due to their lack of experience and knowledge.

How Reinvention Led To Success

Despite their failures, the Sotiriou brothers did not give up, and instead, they attended school. In 2013 they graduated from Smartline Global in Dubai one of the most respected and certified organizations in the world.

At Smartline Global, the most important thing they learned was the three factors required for successful trading. The first two being Advanced Forex Strategy and Solid Money Management.

While the third and the only one that cannot be taught in a classroom but must be cultivated over time being how NOT TO stress when trading. This is psychological and is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor of the three.

However, it still took a few years for the two brothers to realize they still were flawed in their approach that focused on strategy and money management due to their success as certified traders.


Eventually, Varnavas and Christos realized that solid psychology has a significant impact on trading. Their experience taught them that the biggest issue in their trading career was a psychological one- the fear of losing large sums of money and of once again feeling that they had failed.

That is when the idea of stress-free trading was born. After two years of careful planning and relationship building with trusted and regulated Forex brokers, MASTERFOREXSECRETS was finally created in 2019.

Christos Soteriou
Christos Soteriou

Co-founder and CEO

Christos is not only one of our co-founders he is also a key contributor to MASTERFOREXSECRETS’s transition from a simple idea to a service that is largely used by traders from around the world. His current responsibilities include product strategy of our company.

Varnavas Soteriou
Varnavas Soteriou


As one of our co-founders Varnavas stewards our user experience and culture.

Under his leadership, our product has grown exponentially, while staying simple and reliable.

Dinos Kechagias
Dinos Kechagias

Managing Partner Shareholder

Dino’s experience relies in leading the finance departments for global consumer businesses. Using his vast knowledge and experience, he can build profitable businesses that create value for shareholders and are beloved by consumers.

Why Us


Hit Stop loss without losing money

Up to 60% cash return

Direct trading with Regulated Brokers

Free educational forex eBooks

Competitive tight spreads

Fast and instant withdrawals

What Is The Benefit Of Working With MASTERFOREXSECRETS?

The unique benefit that we offer our clients is to support them financially by giving them up to 60% cash payback of their initial deposit. In simple words, when our clients register through our Regulated Partner link, then deposit and trade, they will immediately receive up to 60% of their initial deposit straight into their bank account.

Using this method with our clients, we have seen their confidence levels improve, compared to traders that don't have any support. Due to the financial support that we provide our clients, forex trading has become fun and profitable. At the end of the day, the most crucial thing in this industry is to earn a good income and not regret investments. This is why we are here.

People always ask us why we are so generous with our knowledge? Is it a scam? The answer is very simple. It is not a scam, and there is absolutely no risk for our clients or us. Practising fairness with our clients and providing them with financial support has enormous advantages for both parties.

Our customers can trade without fear because they know that whatever happens -win or lose- they will get up to 60% of their initial deposit back. Which DIRECTLY separates them from the 75% of people that lose any money they invest (due to the negative impact of panic). By removing the risk of completely losing your investment, we create a sense of security for our clients and give them the confidence they need to trade and possibly win a lot of money.

As an investment company we benefit by earning a small rebate from each trader's transactions. Therefore, the only way we can remain successful is when our client-traders win because we are reliant on our clients to continue trading so that we can earn more rebates. It's a win-win situation. When our clients win so does our company.

Get To Know Us

Our expert team is here to support our clients in any possible way we can to ensure they understand the financial benefits of trading with MASTERFOREXSECRETS. Our past successes and failures in Forex trading have now led us to a philosophy of honesty and fairness, which is a rare quality that you will not easily find in the world of trading

Company's details

Registration Company Number in the Repuplic of Cyprus: HE 398762
Registration Date: 10th June 2019
Business Office Address: Bridge Tower, 3rd floor, office 301, PO Box 3013, Limassol, Cyprus
Contact Email: info@masterforexsecrets.com
Contact Telephone: +35799415345
Fax Number: +35725106128




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